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Mythos of Cimme

Mythos of Cimme is the tale of Allie Stuart, a scientist turned supernatural tracker who must find balance between her old life and new.  Follow Allie Stuart as she discovers the dark underworld of the vampires and their brethren.  

 Book 1: The Watcher's Daughter Book 2: Tracerearthborn-small
Book 1: The Watcher’s Daughter | Book 2: Tracer | Book 3: The Earthborn


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“In the Days Before Time, when the gods and demons first wandered the Earth, the Cimme made their home on the edge of Hades. They did seek to create thirteen creatures, of earth, and of fire, of water and of air. Able to call forth the ancient magics of creation, these beings were released, free to roam the Earth for all time.  On the dying lips of our great Mother, it was foretold that if any shall gain too much power, the balance of creation will forever be lost, and only upheaval of all that we have built would save us.  And yet, among us still, are those who wish to be above our brothers and sisters, to hold power over the other creatures of the Cimme.  A time may come when our Conseil will be thrown into chaos, when our balance will be lost.  It is then that we shall understand the true power of the darkness within us.”

–The Founding of Le Conseil Cimme, from the writings of Queen Lilith of Galli.  Translation by Sorrell of the Americas.


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