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Editing Check-In Week 1

This Week’s Goals:

1) Tracer Chapter One – new

2) Tracer Chapter Two – new

3) New back blurb for The Watcher’s Daughter


Sunday Check-In:

Completed goals 1 and 3.  Struggling to find the right groove for Chapter Two.


Tracer doesn’t have as many changes as I expected, given the rewrites for The Watcher’s Daughter, but it does need a new beginning.  That beginning comes in the form of at least three new chapters, possibly four.  Chapter One was difficult to write emotionally, but technically was rather easy to get down on paper.  Chapter Two… not so much.  Hoping I’ll get some quiet time tonight to get it started, or maybe even finished.  It will likely be a fairly long chapter, and depending on how it shakes out, may need to be divided into two separate chapters.  I can already spot a point in the chapter outline where that divide may occur.


Next Week’s Goals:

1) Tracer Chapter Three – new

2) Tracer Chapter Four  – edits (under the current chapter structure… even if a chapter gets added in, I still want to complete edits on this chapter.  It was the original start point for the novel.)


I start my writing weeks on Mondays, so if I can make some headway on Chapter Two tonight, I’ll still be mostly on track.  Wouldn’t do to get off schedule this early on. 😉



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