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The Time In Between

I completed the first draft of The Watcher’s Daughter in early 2009, before I got married or had kids.  I’d written short stories, tried to kickstart a novel or two, but hadn’t been able to finish anything.  I wanted to write the kind of thing I loved to read, so I just… started.  The first draft came together in a few months, I joined Critique Circle, and started critiquing and working with other writers.  I uploaded my novel chapter by chapter, found a few great writing partners, and kept toiling away at it.

In November of 2009, I competed in NaNoWriMo and did the first draft of Tracer, the sequel to The Watcher’s Daughter.  And then, life happened.  I had my first kiddo in 2010, we moved a few times, had another kiddo in 2012.  When I came out of that new baby haze, I had two completed novels that needed a lot of work, some scratches and notes about future projects, and a renewed buzz to get back to my writing.

So we started a farm.  Goats and pigs took priority over line edits and outlines.

It’s taken me six years to get to the point where The Watcher’s Daughter was ready to the see the light of day.  I’ve changed a lot in that time, both as a writer and as a person.

That age old advice, to write as much as you can, and then stick it in a drawer?  It’s golden.  Some novels need time to blossom, and some authors need time to put down better roots.  I know I’m in a better place as a writer than I was six years ago.  The Watcher’s Daughter is out in the world, and Tracer is ready for the editing it so deserves.

I won’t be posting a lot of blog entires here – I thrive more on Facebook and Twitter than I do in a blog format.  140 characters fits better between all the crayons and the egg collecting.  I’ll be documenting the time between the publication of my first novel and the debut of my second.   I’ll also try to document the challenges of getting 65,000 words of hastily scribbled NaNoWriMo glory into publishing shape.  Don’t miss it!


Until next time…

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